Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase firearms online?

Firearms can only be transferred after a Federal NICS background check is conducted.  This can occur either at our office in Bridgewater, or the firearms can be shipped to your local FFL.

What are your office hours?

Currently we are by appointment only.  Easiest way is to contact us through call or text at (508) 399-1200 or email Facebook messenger is only checked periodically and messages can be missed.

What type of firearms do you sell?

All handgun sales and transfers must be on the approved roster. The state updates the roster of a regular basis and the most recent version can be found at:

Any rifle/shotgun that is considered an "assault weapon" by the Attorney General can not be sold transferred unless it is considered "preban" or was manufactured prior to 09/2004.

What do I need to purchase a firearm in Massachusetts?

If you are looking to purchase, you need a Massachusetts License to Carry, as well as your state issued PIN, and a secondary ID (driver license, passport) 

If you can't make it to Bridgewater, we will ship to your local FFL.

We accept cash and credit cards.